Health & Safety

Each department has members on the Health and safety committee board. the members are there to awser questions  and help resolve related to HS concerns.

The objective of the HS board

  • Identify and work to rectify problems that affects HS
  • Reduce accidents and professional illness link to the work enviroment
  • eliminate danger
  • educate member on the objective and need to use of protective equipement
  • Keep the members informed on all relevance to HS laws

 Rigths, duties and responsibilities of the HS board

  • employees – rights, duties, and the complaint resolution process
  • employers – responsibilities, supervision and training, and health and safety committees.
  • compliance policymeasures to ensure that employers and employees fulfill their duties, the role of health and safety officers, the appeals process, and the interpretation of policies and Operations Program Directives
  • health and safety committees and representatives the role of workplace, health and safety committees

Information, documentations, publications, laws

  • Liaison Bulletina special newsletter providing information on such subjects as amendments to health and safety regulations.
  • Bill C-45 – Overview

Do you already know which publication, law or regulation you need?

What do i have to do in case of a accident ?

how to protect yourself, prevention is the key, here’s what to do in the event of an accident, and hazardous substances-

Notify the employer of the accident/incident, ask for representation of a HS board member to assist you in the report process, you have the right to ask to be represented

Internal complain process

If you have a complaint about health and safety in the workplace, the first step to take is to talk with your supervisor. If you are unable to contact him or her, then talk to your shop steward or union health and safety representative who him / her notify your supervisor of the problem.

If the complaint is justified, the employer has been informed of the results of the investigation will be communicated in writing and in the shortest time with the people who did the survey then advise when the situation will be resolved. The employer must address the issue accordingly.

If the investigation concludes that a danger exists as described by the right to refuse unsafe work, the employer shall ensure that no employee shall use or operate the machine or object that he / she works in the relevant place or perform the activity that constitutes the danger as long as the situation has not been rectified.

Rigths of  members

  • Rigth to know
  • Right to participate
  • Right to refuse



Publications – C.S.S.T

Workers Claim C.S.S.T

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